How do I add Custom Colors?


Adding Custom Colors

When submitting Colors for a design, users will be able to select the MATERIAL TYPE, MANUFACTURER, and COLOR for each available finish.

The available MATERIAL and MANUFACTURER options cannot be changed, and if any are missing, please contact your Architectural Coordinator.

COLOR options, especially since they so frequently can vary from year to year, can be submitted as a custom color. 

To Submit a Custom Color

  1. Click the "+" symbol next to the Color dropdown box.
  2. Enter your custom color name. (TIP: Follow existing naming conventions).
  3. Add a comment providing a reason why a custom color is needed/requested.

Important: Please do not add colors in the comments field. Colors added in the comments will not be visible on LotWorks Maps, instead appearing as "N/A" (value submitted in the COLOR field).

Doing this makes it much more difficult for neighboring lots to avoid conflicts, and greatly increases the chance that your submission will be rejected.

Approval Process

During the architectural review, the Architectural Coordinator will see a very clear indication that a custom color has been requested. They will be able to:

  1. Approve/Reject that custom color, and
  2. Choose whether to add that custom color to the available color database.

To ensure prompt approval of your colors, please ensure existing naming conventions are followed as much as possible, typos are avoided, and a comment/reason is added.


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