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Important: Some settings may vary between LotWorks systems.
Please confirm with your Land Developer if you have any questions.

Welcome to LotWorks, an online software application designed to provide land developers and builders with real-time lot status, inventories and detailed information right at their fingertips.

All Information entered into LotWorks is completely secure, and will only be accessible by your Land Developer and your Builder. Other builders will never be able to view or otherwise access your information.


This section contains a general overview of LotWorks, what you can do, and where to find it.

How to Login

  • LotWorks can be accessed by going to your Land Developer's login portal.
  • Typically, this is the Land Developer name followed by (ex.
  • If you don’t have an account, please contact your Land Developer.
  • If you’ve forgotten your username and/or password, click the “Forgot Your Password?” link.

The Dashboard

This is the first page that is seen upon logging in, and displays the modules and menus where the user account has access. It's a quick overview of the lots you should be paying attention to, and the ones that may require immediate action.


  • To load the LOT MAP, click the Map button in the top left corner. This button allows you to toggle between the Maps and Data views of LotWorks.
  • Please see our full LotWorks Maps Guide for more information.

  • Click your username (top-right) to modify your personal information and password.
  • Click on the Land Developer logo to return to your dashboard.
  • The Library links provide quick access to relevant guideline documents and map PDFs.
  • The Lot links show a list of all builder-owned lots with the relevant status.
  • The Home... Required” links list the lots that require those details to be entered.

Lot Details (Dashboard)

  • The Lot Details view shows all available information about a lot, including price, dates, sales agreements and home buyers.
  • This view can be accessed by selecting the lot from any of the list views, or by clicking “View Lot Details” from the dropdown menu within LotWorks Maps. 

LotWorks Maps

Use the map to search, filter, and explore Land Developer’s communities. Click on individual lots for an infowindow pop-up to be displayed, with details and an available options dropdown menu.

To view lots, click on the desired community, then phase, or just zoom into the area you’d like to see.
To search for individual lots within the Map view, enter a civic or legal address into the Search bar.


  • The Map button can be used for seamless switching between Dashboard and LotWorks Maps views. Your current map view and selected filters will be saved.
  • The Search Bar across the top of the page allows users to jump to specific lots, phases, or communities. Start typing in your search, and the search bar will prompt you with the 3 closest results, plus an option to submit your info to Google (option will always have Google "g" icon).
  • The Print (top right) button will generate a custom two-page PDF including a best-guess approximation of your current map view, and a data summary of the selected lots.

  • The Location Filter (top left) button not only jumps and zooms to a location but also filters the map to the selected community/phase. Click again to remove the active filter.
  • The Advanced Filter (top - bottom left) button contains many options for filtering your view.
  • The Layers (middle - bottom left) button allows view options by turning on/off map images.
  • The Legend (bottom - bottom left) button toggles on/off the current map legend.
  • The Data Summary (bottom right) is used for viewing a summary of the current lot view. By pressing the “Export Lots” button, users will be able to view/download a list of those lots as well.

Left-to-Right: Location Filter,  Advanced Filter, Layers, Legend, Data Summary 

Lot InfoWindow (Maps)

Clicking on a lot will bring up the Lot’s Infowindow. This is similar to the Lot Details view, and provides a user with general information about the lot.

  • The dropdown “-select-” menu will list all available lot actions that can be taken by the user.
  • Selecting “View Lot Details” will open the Lot Details view in the Dashboard.
  • Users can switch between Lot and Home tabs to see the associated information about the lot. 



Inspections provide both the Land Developer and the Builder with a way to verify the conditions on a lot at the time of purchase. Failure to submit an inspection will be taken to mean that there are no damages or issues with the lot.

For Initial Inspections...

The form will be available 1 day after the initial deposit has been received. You will have 21 days to complete the inspection by noting any damages or issues. 

When you login, focus on...

  1. The Initial Inspection Pending lots on your Dashboard. These lots require immediate attention. Click the link to be taken to a list of those lots.
  2. Click on the magnifying glass to be taken to the lot’s Inspection Information window. At the bottom of the page click "Submit Initial Inspection" to complete the inspection.
  3. Fill out the form with as much information as possible. Photos are required if damage is reported. Once you've completed the form, click "Submit". 


For Final Inspections...

The form will be available 120 days after design approval. Once triggered, you will need to request an inspection to be performed by the Land Developer. Some developers may require the upload of a Build Certificate (provided by the Surveyor) to request this process. 

When you login, focus on… 

  1. The Final Inspection Pending lots on your dashboard. These lots are ready for Final Inspection, and are pending a request from the builder.
  2. Once a Final Inspection has been requested, the Land Developer will complete the inspection of the House, Lot, and Landscaping.
  3. If approved, the Security Deposit will be cleared for release back to the builder.

Make sure to keep your email information up-to-date, and to check your inbox regularly for LotWorks notification emails.

Additional Support

For more detailed questions and guides on LotWorks, please search the LotWorks Help Center. There are many additional guides, tips and FAQs. Please use the keyword search above as your first step to browse the articles.

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