Architectural Contact Guide

Important: Some settings (access/dates) may vary between LotWorks systems.
Please confirm with your Land Developer if you have any questions.

Welcome to LotWorks, an online software application designed to provide land developers and builders with real-time lot status, inventories and detailed information right at their fingertips.

All Information entered into LotWorks is completely secure, and will only be accessible by your Land Developer and your Builder. Other builders will never be able to view or otherwise access your information.


This section contains a general overview of LotWorks, what you can do, and where to find it.

How to Login

  • LotWorks can be accessed by going to your Land Developer's login portal.
  • Typically, this is the Land Developer name followed by (ex.
  • If you don’t have an account, please contact your Land Developer.
  • If you’ve forgotten your username and/or password, click the “Forgot Your Password?” link.

The Dashboard

This is the first page that is seen upon logging in, and displays the modules and menus where the user account has access. It's a quick overview of the lots you should be paying attention to, and the ones that may require immediate action.


  • To load the LOT MAP, click the Map button in the top left corner. This button allows you to toggle between the Maps and Data views of LotWorks.
  • Please see our full LotWorks Maps Guide for more information.

  • Click your username (top-right) to modify your personal information and password.
  • Click on the Land Developer logo to return to your dashboard.
  • The Library links provide quick access to relevant guideline documents and map PDFs.
  • The Lot links show a list of all builder-owned lots with the relevant status.
  • The Home... Required” links list the lots that require those details to be entered.

Lot Details (Dashboard)

  • The Lot Details view shows all available information about a lot, including price, dates, sales agreements and home buyers.
  • This view can be accessed by selecting the lot from any of the list views, or by clicking “View Lot Details” from the dropdown menu within LotWorks Maps. 

LotWorks Maps

Use the map to search, filter, and explore Land Developer’s communities. Click on individual lots for an infowindow pop-up to be displayed, with details and an available options dropdown menu.

To view lots, click on the desired community, then phase, or just zoom into the area you’d like to see.
To search for individual lots within the Map view, enter a civic or legal address into the Search bar.


  • The Map button can be used for seamless switching between Dashboard and LotWorks Maps views. Your current map view and selected filters will be saved.
  • The Search Bar across the top of the page allows users to jump to specific lots, phases, or communities. Start typing in your search, and the search bar will prompt you with the 3 closest results, plus an option to submit your info to Google (option will always have Google "g" icon).
  • The Print (top right) button will generate a custom two-page PDF including a best-guess approximation of your current map view, and a data summary of the selected lots.

  • The Location Filter (top left) button not only jumps and zooms to a location but also filters the map to the selected community/phase. Click again to remove the active filter.
  • The Advanced Filter (top - bottom left) button contains many options for filtering your view.
  • The Layers (middle - bottom left) button allows view options by turning on/off map images.
  • The Legend (bottom - bottom left) button toggles on/off the current map legend.
  • The Data Summary (bottom right) is used for viewing a summary of the current lot view. By pressing the “Export Lots” button, users will be able to view/download a list of those lots as well.

Left-to-Right: Location Filter,  Advanced Filter, Layers, Legend, Data Summary 

Lot InfoWindow (Maps)

Clicking on a lot will bring up the Lot’s Infowindow. This is similar to the Lot Details view, and provides a user with general information about the lot.

  • The dropdown “-select-” menu will list all available lot actions that can be taken by the user.
  • Selecting “View Lot Details” will open the Lot Details view in the Dashboard.
  • Users can switch between Lot and Home tabs to see the associated information about the lot. 


Add Buyers / Spec Homes

Before a lot can proceed with architectural design submissions, it must have either a home buyer or spec home on the lot. 

  • If a Lot has a Home but no Buyer: The lot will appear as a SPEC (purple) home on the Map. Buyer information should be entered when the lot is sold to a third-party Home Buyer.
  • If a Lot has a Home and a Buyer: The lot will appear as SOLD (red) on the Map. 

Builders can move any of their Builder Inventory lots to Spec or Sold by clicking the “Add Home Buyer” button from the Lot Details or from the Map InfoWindow. “Remove Home Buyer” can be used to reset the status back to BUILDER INVENTORY (blue) on the Map. 

Home Buyer information is confidential and can only be viewed by your Land Developer and the Builder.

Add a Home Buyer or Spec Home (Map)

  1. Click on the lot from the map, and select “Add Home Buyer” from the drop down menu.
  2. Enter Home Buyer information by clicking “Edit” next to Home Buyer 1 and Home Buyer 2.
  3. SPEC HOME: Alternately, use the “Spec Home/Showhome” checkbox if there is no buyer.
  4. Click “Continue” to submit the information. 

Add a Home Buyer (Dashboard)

  1. Click on the ‘Lot Draw Assigned’ link on your Dashboard, and select your lot from the list.
  2. Click “Add Home Buyer” button and follow steps 2-4 as above. 

For a quick list of all Spec Homes that can have buyers added to them: 

  1. Click the “Home Buyer Information Required” link.
  2. Click “Add Home Buyer” next to the desired lot, and enter the available details.


Architectural Design Submissions

Only lots with homes and/or buyers may have designs submitted for them. This status is visible on the Dashboard, and shown as either SPEC (purple) or SOLD (red) on the map. 

  • Architectural Design submissions are subject to the Architectural Guidelines of a community.
  • A current copy of all Architectural Guidelines can be found in the Library.
  • The Library also contains assorted Community Information, Easements/Caveats, and Maps. 

The Land Developer reserves the right to approve/reject designs based on the submitted information. 

To Preview the Design Process 

  1. Click on any lot, and select “Preview Design”.
  2. This will step the user through the design submission process without submitting a design. 

To Submit a Design

Submitting a design is a three step process with Measurements & Details, Colors, and finally a review step where PDF House and Plot plans are uploaded.

**NOTE: If you don’t see “Submit Design”, ensure there is a home and/or buyer on the lot.**

  1. Click on an applicable lot from the lot map, and select “Submit Design” from the drop down menu.
  2. Fill out the Measurements & Details page with all available information, and click “Next: Colors”.
  3. Fill out the Colors page with all available Finish information,  and click “Next: Design Review”.
  4. Review all design details, and attach your house plan and plot plan (PDFs).
  5. Once all details have been reviewed, click “Submit Design”.  
  6. You will receive an automated email from with confirmation and/or rejection notifications.

To Re-Submit a Design 

Occasionally, a design will be rejected. This is typically due to missing information or incorrectly entered/conflicting finish selection options.

  1. Click on an applicable lot from the lot map, and select “Re-Submit Design” from the drop down menu. Alternately, click on the “Design Rejected” status on your Dashboard and select the lot.
  2. Review any comments and reasons for rejection from the Land Developer.
  3. Update all required details, and re-submit your design for approval.
  4. DESIGN CHANGES: Approved designs may also be re-submitted in the case of design changes. 

Adding Custom Colors

When submitting Colors for a design, users will be able to select the MATERIAL TYPE, MANUFACTURER, and COLOR for each available finish.

The available MATERIAL and MANUFACTURER options cannot be changed, and if any are missing, please contact your Architectural Coordinator.

COLOR options, especially since they so frequently can vary from year to year, can be submitted as a custom color. 

To Submit a Custom Color

  1. Click the "+" symbol next to the Color dropdown box.
  2. Enter your custom color name. (TIP: Follow existing naming conventions).
  3. Add a comment providing a reason why a custom color is needed/requested.

Important: Please do not add colors in the comments field. Colors added in the comments will not be visible on LotWorks Maps, instead appearing as "N/A" (value submitted in the COLOR field).

Doing this makes it much more difficult for neighboring lots to avoid conflicts, and greatly increases the chance that your submission will be rejected.

Approval Process

During the architectural review, the Architectural Coordinator will see a very clear indication that a custom color has been requested. They will be able to:

  1. Approve/Reject that custom color, and
  2. Choose whether to add that custom color to the available color database.

To ensure prompt approval of your colors, please ensure existing naming conventions are followed as much as possible, typos are avoided, and a comment/reason is added.


Neighbour Report and Repetition Rules

LotWorks uses a lot neighbour system to determine which models and color selections should be restricted on neighboring lots. Neighbouring lot conditions may change depending on the community selected, and should be previewed using the Neighbour Report prior to design submission. 

To view the Neighbour Report 

  1. Click on an applicable lot from the lot map, and select “View Neighbour Report” from the drop down menu. Alternately, view the Lot Details and click on the “View Neighbour Report” button.
  2. All neighbouring Lots and Homes will be displayed, with Repetition Rule finishes highlighted.
  3. The Neighbour Report may be printed by selecting “Print to PDF” when viewing the report.


Front Elevation Images & Dates

Once an architectural design has been submitted, an “Edit Home” button will become available from both the Lot Details and Map infoWindow. This screen allows builders to add important dates, and upload the front elevation image to the lot. 

Possession Date will not be available until a Home Buyer has been added to the lot.

The elevation image should be of good quality,  JPG, JPEG, GIF, or PNG image format, and 235x200 pixels in size. LotWorks will automatically resize the image should it be larger than this. This image is displayed on the Maps’ Infowindow. 

An easy method of creating new front elevation images is to use Window’s native “Snipping Tool”. Open your PDF containing the front elevation image, open the Snipping Tool program, and draw a selection around your image. Save this image and upload it to LotWorks as needed. 

Once details have been added, click “Update Database” to save your changes.


Additional Support

For more detailed questions and guides on LotWorks, please search the LotWorks Help Center. There are many additional guides, tips and FAQs. Please use the keyword search above as your first step to browse the articles.

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