LotWorks Maps Printing


LotWorks Maps has custom print capabilities that generate a useful export of your current map view and associated filters. This print capability can be accessed from the PRINT button (top-right), or by pressing CTRL-P


  • The LotWorks system client logo
  • A title with selected Community Filter (top left button)
  • An auto-centered map image
  • A data summary of the selected lots, including
  • Selected active filters
  • A timestamp of when the map was printed

Print view will generate the auto-centered map image from the center of your map view. Since this is automatically generated, some adjustments may be required before you have your desire view in the Print Preview.

Image 1: Browser map view with center of view highlighted.

Image 2: Center of view inserted into Print Preview.

Image 3: Data Summary page 2, including active filters and graphs.



  • The LotWorks Maps print view works best in Google Chrome browser.
  • This is because Google Chrome correctly recognized and switches between Landscape and Portrait versions of the print view depending on your browser window.
  • Other browsers will still correctly print but please ensure the following settings are used: 
    • Portrait Page mode,
    • Letter size Paper, and 
    • 0.5" margins.


The Support Widget is supported on all of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome: latest two versions
  • Mozilla Firefox: latest two versions
  • Apple Safari: latest two versions
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: latest version only 
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