Setting up Event Notifications


Setting up Event Notifications

Once admin user setup is complete in LotWorks, those users should be assigned event notifications to received by default.

This ensures that important event-based communication is seen by those individuals within the Land Developer's organization that need to see them.

Event Notification setup is completed under Options > Event Notifications.

The most common lot events are listed on this page.

Click 'Edit' on a lot event, to be able to assign individual users, and modify the default Event Notification text. The default notification text also includes several dynamic tags that can be used to customize the messages:

  • [LOTS] - Displays a list of lots (Each on a new line)
  • [BUILDER] - Displays the full name of the builder company
  • [USER] - Displays the logged in user's First Name and Last Name
  • [COMMUNITY_PHASE] - Displays community and phase (i.e. "Evensdale Phase 2")
  • [HOLDDATE] - Displays the date the hold was placed on (Hold events only)
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