Problems loading LotWorks Maps


The LotWorks Maps system has been extensively tested in all modern browsers, and does not require any special software, plugins, or extensions to run.

If LotWorks itself can be accessed but LotWorks Maps will not load (by clicking MAP), or just displays the spinning LotWorks logo, then it's very likely your local network policies, and/or security settings are to blame.


Eternally spinning logo? Try the tests below or contact your IT team.

Tests to Confirm

There are some quick and easy tests you can run to see what's causing the issue. 

1. Ensure you're using a modern, up-to-date browser. LotWorks Maps can be run in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 10+, Opera, and Safari without issue.

Please ensure your browser is up-to-date by visiting:

2. Visit a public website that uses LotWorks Maps. Maps have been embedded on many websites, and can be publicly accessed by all internet users. If LotWorks Maps doesn't load on a public website, it is likely being blocked from doing so.

Please visit this public website link to test:

3. Attempt to load LotWorks Maps using an outside connection. Using a internet-enabled device that is NOT connected to your office network, try loading LotWorks Maps. 

If there is no change, ensure that your WiFi settings aren't automatically re-connecting you to the office network.


Next Steps

Un-blocking LotWorks Maps will require the involvement of your IT team. Please contact them at this time.

It is important that the following domains be "whitelisted" / "safelisted" to ensure they can be accessed by LotWorks Maps:


If there is no domain blocking/filtering, the active firewall or spam guard software may also have settings that block specific applications. Please ensure that "Google Cloud Storage" is not being blocked.

Finally, if you've been informed by your IT team that nothing is being blocked, and LotWorks Maps still isn't working for you, please contact Blueprint directly. We can conduct Network Data testing with you in an attempt to resolve the issue.


Internet Explorer-specific Issue

If using Internet Explorer, ensure that your LotWorks website is NOT added to your list of "Compatibility View" websites. Loading LotWorks with compatibility view enabled will prevent LotWorks Maps from loading correctly.


Other Issues

For other issues, or if the above tests don't work for you, please contact LotWorks Support for assistance. 


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