Accessing LotWorks Support


Logging In

The Support Center ( is a great resource for quick & simple answers for both Developers and Builders.

The logins between LotWorks and the Support Center are currently distinct and separate though. You will be required to create an account on the Support Center to access all available content.

- No Password - If you've ever been involved in support tickets, you already have an account in the Support Center. Since you may not yet have a password, use the "Get a password" link found in the bottom-right of the Sign In pop-up.

- Password but forgotten - If you've been assigned a password but have forgotten it, please use the "Forgot my password" link instead.

- No Account - If you've never used the Support Center, Sign up today!

Why Login? 

Logging in to the Support Center gives you full access to the Land Developer section, which contains many sections restricted from the general public like Release Notes and Announcements.

When logged in, you're also able to view your current and past tickets, along with tickets submitted by other users in your organization.

Finally, it's a great way to comment on our articles. Your comments and feedback are the best way to improve the content in the Support Center for all users.



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