When are inspections triggered?


Inspection Triggers

LotWorks will automatically create inspections based on established business rules. For Initial Inspections, this is typically "X days after Initial Payment Received" while for Final Inspections this is typically "X days after Architectural Design Approval". 

Image: Admin-level Global Options for Inspections


Default LotWorks Settings

Each LotWorks Land Developer may set specific triggers for their system. These are just the default LotWorks settings, and you should consult with your Land Developer for confirmation on your individual settings:

  1. Initial Inspection: 1 day after Initial Deposit Received.
  2. Final Inspection: 280 days after Architectural Design Approval.
  3. Landscaping Inspections: Can be requested if home is occupied.

These automatic triggers take place at 2am to minimize server load.


Changing the Defaults

LotWorks Land Developers can go to Options > Admin > Global Settings in their menu to modify these, and other, settings.

Please make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and click "CHANGE" to unlock the page for changes.

Inspection options include, among the date trigger settings:

  • The option to skip the image requirement (minimum 2 images) if no damage is reported.
  • The option to require notes to be added if damage is reported.


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    Yorick Lui

    At Genesis, Final Lot Inspection is an internal process and has been scheduled for 600 days after Architectural Design Approval. Please revise accordingly and thanks.