Lot Import UI Improvements (Patch 4.5.16)


Lot Import UI Improvements (Patch 4.5.16)

This LotWorks core improvement includes user experience upgrades to make required information more clear, and work flow easier to follow:

- Lot Imports must assign Lot, Block, and Phase/Stage information to be imported.

- Lot Imports can now be made to report changes directly to the Lot (ex. Price changes on import recorded in Price History in Lot Details).

- Required fields more clearly displayed / prompted.

- Improved confirmation screen information.

The above improvements have been released to all LotWorks systems, and open the door for detailed historical reporting tools to be developed.

Please speak to your Account Representative if you're interested in adding "Price History Tracking and Reporting" to your LotWorks system. This additional functionality tracks changes to Lot Price, Lot Draw / Sale information, and any custom sale fields directly within the Lot History.

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