Tips & Tricks


Tips & Tricks

The new LotWorks Maps may seem easy to use but it is full of hidden potential and possibilities. These are just some of the ways that LotWorks Maps is being used:


Live Builder Inventory Reports

By filtering LotWorks Maps down to a single builder (using the Maps Filter), an accurate and live Builder Inventory Report is produced. Keep the Legend and Report tabs open for a detailed analytics view of this information.

As you update the Legend option, the Report tab will automatically update as well. Mouse-over the bars on the Report tab for added information. At any time, click the 'Export' button on the Report tab to download this information as a CSV file.


Builder Filtered Maps

By filtering LotWorks Maps down to their builder, AND sale status down to Builder Inventory or Spec (using the Maps filter), Showhome staff can easily show off their available inventory to prospective buyers.

Clicking on a Community/Phase option (using the Community filter) is a great way to keep the very focused and filtered on your Community as well.


City-wide Showhome Maps

By filtering LotWorks Maps down to sale status Showhome (using the Maps filter), users can direct prospective buyers to any/all showhomes for the developer's communities.

Builders may add a builder filter (using the Maps filter) to limit the results to only their showhomes.

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