Search & Explore


Search & Explore

There are many ways to search for your lot, and to explore the developer's communities in LotWorks Maps.

Searching by Lot

The Search Bar, located across the top of the page, allows for search-as-you-type filtering based on any of the following searches:

  • Lot
  • Block
  • Phase
  • Address
  • Plan Number

You may type any part of the lot information to have it displayed in the available options dropdown. Select a lot from the list of available options to re-center your view, and open the Lot Detail pop-up. The bottom option (marked with a Google 'G') ties directly into Google Search.

Searching by Filter

LotWorks Maps contains powerful filtering options that allow users to easily fine-tune their view. These tools are primarily found in the Legend button (legend icon), Map button (filter icon), and Community button (pin icon).

Legend. This button sits in the bottom left corner of the map, and provides the user with a legend of their current map view. 'Sale Status', being the most common view, is shown by default. Other Legend views may be selected using the dropdown menu. Options will vary by usertype.

Map Filter. This button, top-most of the three buttons found in the bottom left corner, contains many options for filtering a user's view on the map. Clicking on a filter once it has been created will remove it, and clicking 'Clear' will remove all active Map Filters.

How to Create a New Filter

  • Click on the Map Filter button to open the default 'Select a Filter' window.
  • Use the dropdown menu to create your own filters by selecting a Category.
  • Then use the second dropdown to select an Option.
  • The Filter will automatically be added and enabled.
  • The Category stays enabled to allow additional Options to be quickly added.

How to Remove an Active Filter

  • Users can see if a filter is enabled by the blue glow surrounding the button.
  • Options can be removed by clicking on them in the open Filter window.
  • All Options can be cleared at once by clicking the 'Clear' button.

Community Filter. This button, found in the top left corner, allows users to quickly filter and zoom their view to a selected community and/or phase.

Clicking on the button will open a fly-out menu with available communities, and further clicking on a community will open a list of available phases. Multiple phases may be selected at once.

Selected options will be indicated in bold on the menu. The Community Filter button itself will turn blue to indicate an Active Filter is present on the map. Click on the individual options to remove the filter.

Exploring the Map

Since LotWorks Maps are built on the Google Maps engine, the same controls to move around the map can be used. To move the map (pan), simply click and hold your mouse, then drag the map.

You can double-click to zoom in, or the mouse scroll-wheel or trackpad to zoom in/out on the map.

Google Maps Controls. These controls, found within the map window in the top right corner have three main functions:

Map/Satellite. Switch between Map and Satellite modes to get a different perspective on your community.

'Map' contains the basic Google Maps view with street information, some geography and parks, but presented in a clean format for easy presentation and data review.

'Satellite' is the latest Satellite view of the area, and will provide full colour and detail of the surrounding area. Some areas may be out-of-date in this view based on the date the imagery was captured.

Zoom Controls. Zoom in and out by clicking on the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons. You may use your mouse's scrollwheel to zoom as well.

Street View. Drag & drop Google's Pegman onto an available street to bring up Street View mode. An 'X" replaces the Google Maps controls to exit this view.

Layer. This button is the second button found in the bottom left corner, and is used to customize your view based on the available layers of the map.

'Community Locations' Layer - This layer draws a boundary surrounding the Developer's communities.

'Community Markers' Layer - This layer drops Community Marker pins on the Developer's communities.

'Phase Maps' Layer - This layer loads detailed marketing map images of the Developer's phases onto the map.

All layers are enabled by default, and may be turned on/off by preference and to improve loading times.


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