The Info Window


The Info Window

The LotWorks Maps Info Window provides users with a quick view of the most important lot information, access to a dropdown menu of available actions, and several other administrative features.

Note that, depending on your LotWorks setup and your user type, not all elements will be displayed.

1. Title Bar. The title bar provides users with the basic lot information including Lot, Block, Phase/Stage, and Plan Number (if registered). Below these details, is the Municipal Address, if available.

2. Actions Menu. The Actions Menu provides users with all available actions they may perform on the lot. These actions will vary by user type, and the current stage of the lot.

3. Tabs and Close Controls. The Info Window is setup with Lot and Home tabs by default, along with a further Custom tab if applicable. These tab controls allow for easy switching between lot data within the same window. The window may be closed by clicking the blue 'X' in the top right corner.

4. Lot Image. The Lot Image section displays the home's elevation image, if available, or an architectural plan image of the home. (On public maps, this space may be used to display the Builder's Logo, and a 'Register' button.)

5. Selected Tab Details. The Tab details pages vary based on your LotWorks system user type.

LOT tab - This tab is used to display basic lot information, and will typically include Sale Status, Builder, Frontage, Product Type, Zoning, and Last Action taken on the it. Based on individual setup and preferences, it may also include Price and Payment Status information.

HOME tab - If you use LotWorks for architectural approvals, this tab is used to display architectural information, and will typically include Architectural Status, Construction Status, Approval Dates, Style, and approved Architectural Options.

CUSTOM - Depending on LotWorks system setup and options, the content of this tab will vary. Other lot information, such as various Inspection Statuses, Landscaping details, and Deposit/Fees information may be displayed here.

6. LotWorks Maps Admin Controls. These Admin Controls pertain specifically to the LotWorks Maps themselves and include both 'Bulk Lot Draw' and 'Assign Neighbours'.

BULK LOT DRAW (Contract Icon) - Clicking this icon will enable Bulk Draw mode for multi-lot sales. A banner across the top of the map will include information on the number of selected lots, and CANCEL / SUBMIT buttons. Click on other lots to add them to the Bulk Draw, and Submit to proceed to agreement generation. Simply click on a selected lot to de-select it.

ASSIGN NEIGHBOURS (Houses Icon) - Clicking this icon will enable Assign Neighbours mode for architectural style restrictions. A banner across the top of the map may include information on the type of neighbour selection (e.g. either colour or style), and CANCEL / SUBMIT buttons. Click on surrounding lots, based on architectural setup rules, to enable those lots as neighbours, and Submit to save your selections. Simply click on a selected lot to de-select it.


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