(Accessed from the dashboard or Reports menu option)

The Reports module can be used by any  LotWorks user to accurately and quickly obtain a picture of various community and phase statistics. This includes builder held inventory, lot statuses, type, frontage, zonings and many additional filters.

The Showhome Traffic Report can be used to generate a report of all showhome activity by Community, Builder and date range.  This allows you to build a picture of interest in a community and compare it against your Marketing Ads and their efficacy.

LotWorks also contains many custom reports including: the A/R report, Cash Flow Report, Date Range Report, Interest Adjustment Report, Lot Option reports, and several others. These reports may be accessed by any  LotWorks administrator to gain an accurate picture of their current lot and financial status.

The LotWorks snapshot reports allow you to generate an accurate up-to-the-minute report of current lot conditions in your system. These reports can then be downloaded, printed, and saved for auto-emailing on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


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