Home Buyer


Adding a Home Buyer

(Accessed from the Add Home Buyer map option)

  • Builder Inventory (blue), Spec (purple) lots may have home buyer information added to them.
  • This information is confidential and can only be viewed by  LotWorks and your builder.
  • The "Add Home Buyer" form also contains several short demographic questions regarding the purchaser.


To Add a Home Buyer

  1. Click on a builder inventory or spec lot from the lot map, and select “Add Home Buyer”.
  2. Enter Home Buyer information by clicking “Edit” next to Home Buyer 1 and Home Buyer 2.
  3. Click “Continue” to submit the information.


Image 21: Home Buyer information form

To Add a Home Buyer from the Dashboard

  1. From the Dashboard (first page upon logging in), click the “View all Spec Lots” link.
  2. Click “Add Home Buyer” next to the desired lot.
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