Lot Details


Lot Details
(Accessed from the View Lot Details map option or through the global events list)

Image: The "View Lot Details" menu option on the old Flash Maps.

Information about a lot, including price, dates, sales agreements, customer numbers, and home buyers can be viewed by clicking the “View Lot Details” link from the lot map.

This will allow you to view a current snapshot of all information connected to the lot, such as purchase terms, third-party buyers and architectural details. You’ll also find an event log that outlines the history of the lot.

Each lot can be identified by its Lot, Block, Phase, Community, and address. These can all be used in the Quick Search bar.

Depending on the lot's current status and your user access level, different action buttons will be available to you. If you have the required permissions, you may be able to click "Edit Lot Details" to update various information on the lot.


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