Land Transfers


Land Transfers

(Accessed on an individual lot basis through lot details, map, or dashboard)

LotWorks generates a standard trust condition letter to lawyer as early as 15% deposit received (firm sale).

At the same time, the legal land transfer document is generated as well. LotWorks produces these documents and attaches them to the lot.

The land tranfer process is broken down into two steps:

  • The land transfer information form, and
  • The cover letter / transfer of land template form.

Please ensure that you pay particular attention to the details entered on these pages, prior to clicking the Attach to Lot button. Documents can be previewed using the Preview Cover Letter and Preview Transfer of Land buttons.

LotWorks will not email them automatically.  will send them to their lawyers. All Land Tranfer events are logged to the lot history.

Once a Cover Letter and Transfer of Land have been attached to the lot, they may be:

  • Reviewed by clicking on the magnifying glass in the Lot Details.
  • Removed by clicking "Delete" next to the file in the Lot Details.


The Land Transfer process may also be repeated to generated new documents and addendums.


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