Builders and Builder Contacts


Builder & Users

(Accessed from the Builders menu option)

Builder setup is very simple and mostly just requires the input of legal details, and assignment to active communities. To create a new builder, select Builders then Builder from the menu. From here click "Create New Builder". 

Once you've entered all necessary information, you'll want to create the required Builder Contacts as well. this is done through the Builders / Builder Contact section, and only requires a Username, Password and Email Address. 

Sales Representatives will also require assignment to a community while all other builder levels will have default access to all communities that the builder is active in. 

Please make sure to keep builder contact lists current, and discourage the use of joint accounts (e.g.  a single "Showhome A" Sales account).  Since this information is displayed on the public site, please ensure that it maintains a standard format, and contains only information the user is comfortable with displaying publicly.


Builder Groups and Multiple Accounts

Separate accounts for each role are required for builder users that belong to multiple builders, or require different access permissions (Sales, Manager, Designer). 

To avoid confusion, we recommend setting the user up with similar usernames (ex: ChrisAdmin, ChrisSuper).


Assigning Public Sales Contacts

(Accessed from the Builders > Builder menu option) 

Public Sales Contacts are displayed on the websites, letting buyers know who to contact if they wish to purchase a home or obtain more information.

Setting up "Public Sales Contacts" is done by going to Builders -> Edit Builder in your menu. From there:

  1. Click 'Edit Contacts' next to the builder you want to edit.
  2. Select the appropriate contact from the dropdown menus.
  3. Click 'Update Public Contacts' to save your changes.


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