Lot Draw


Lot Draws

(Accessed from the Add to Bulk Draw map option)

Lot Draws can be setup very easily from the main Lot Map, and require just a few clicks of the mouse. Load the phase for the lot draw, and for each lot, right-click and select "Add to Bulk Draw" and the bulk lot draw interface will appear automatically.

Once you're happy with the selected lots, click the Submit Bulk Lot Draw button to be taken to the agreement generation step. Clicking on a lot within your bulk draw list will also show the "Remove Lot" button.

Customization: LotWorks Lot Draws have a specialized interface that allows for accurate tracking of individual and bulk payments to all lots involved.

The bulk lot draw agreement process will allow you to first: set the payment and date information for the draw, along with the takedown schedule, and second: preview the agreement and modify the agreement tags.

Once you're happy with the agreement, press the Submit button, and the lot draw will be assigned. The next step is for the builder to provide the initial deposit. Once this has been received, you can acknowledge this by navigating to the bulk draw details page and clicking on the “Initial Deposit Recd” button.

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