The Lot Map


The Lot Map
(Accessed from the Map button on the dashboard)

  • The lot map requires Adobe Flash to function (
  • Select the phase you want, and click Map from the dashboard.
  • Mouse-over a lot to view a snapshot of lot details.
  • Left Click on a lot to view your available actions.
  • Click-and-drag on the map to change your view and/or use the Zoom slider.
  • Use the top control buttons to adjust your view. Objects on the map can be closed using the X.
  • Clicking on items on the Legend will filter your view and lot list. Using the Filter provides a finer level of control when filtering, and provides a reset button as well.
  • Available actions typically include: Hold Lot, Purchase Lot, View Documents, 
  • Add to Bulk Draw, Add Homebuyer, and View Lot Details, among many others.


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