Public Website Map Setup


Public Website Map Setup

LotWorks maps can be loaded to public websites quickly and easily using our Google Maps embed process. Please contact us directly if you require a LotWorks map to be visible on your public community or corporate websites.

LotWorks offers several solutions for public websites:

LotWorks Maps Embed

A Google Maps -enabled public website map is available. This pulls live LotWorks data from your system, to display a public lot status map on your websites.

An example of standard LotWorks Maps implementation:
(simple iframe embedded in page / all information fed from LotWorks).

Loading a LotWorks Maps onto your website is as easy as loading Google Maps itself to your website. Blueprint will provide you with a "Code Snippet", allowing your website developers to drop in the HTML code, and have the maps displaying in no time. Additionally, access to the maps CSS is available to change colours, fonts, etc.

The map images themselves are hosting on the LotWorks system, and loaded as a "background image" on the maps. Whenever you make a change in LotWorks, it is instantly reflected on your websites.

Technical details and instructions for loading Google Maps can be obtained by contacting Blueprint as we tailor the instructions for your specific communities and maps.

Some basic information for your Web Developers can be found here:

Custom Data Feed

LotWorks can also provide a custom data feed using our API that will feed lot information directly to your website developers. They will then be able to use this information to display real-time information on their websites using LotWorks lot information.

An example of custom API implementation: (website developer's own maps and on-click actions / status and mouse-over information fed from LotWorks API).


For inquiries regarding Data Feed implementation, please contact your Account Manager.


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