Why can't I submit Showhome Traffic?


Where does a builder see the Showhome Traffic Prompt?

Showhome Traffic is entered right when a builder logs into the system. 1 day after being assigned to a Showhome Parade, they'll be prompted to enter traffic.

Why would a builder not see this prompt?

  1. Make sure the user is checked off for the Showhome Parade. - Not being checked off means they won't see the prompt to enter traffic.
  2. Make sure the Showhome Parade is enabled. - Not being enabled means no contact will see the prompt for that parade.
  3. Make there is traffic information to enter. - If other users are entering the daily traffic, other users may never see the prompts. Only one user from each builder needs to enter traffic for a Showhome Parade. 

In cases of #3 you can search your traffic (Builders > Showhome Traffic) to see if builders are filling it out. Users can access this to:

  • See which parades they're assigned to,
  • Add past traffic (if not yet overdue or "Tell Me Later" selected), and
  • Edit previously submitted traffic.

With the Search Tool, if you check off "Missing Traffic Only" and the parade doesn't appear on the list, it means it is being filled out. 


Where does a builder see the Showhome Traffic Report?

Showhome traffic can be viewed from the dashboard by Builder - Managers. Clicking in the REPORT section on either Traffic by Day or Traffic by Week will allow users to generate their own traffic reports.

Why would a builder not see information in the report?

Most often, if no information is entered, the parade will be hidden. LotWorks automatically filters out parades that don't have any information submitted.

Why would certain dates not be included in the report?

LotWorks will only generate day "records" when there is a user assigned to fill them out. If no builder user is assigned, those dates will not be created. Please contact Blueprint if you need assistance with backdating showhome traffic date information

Please also refer to the Showhome Traffic Blueprint for additional setup tips.

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