How do I add or delete a Home Buyer?


Adding a Home Buyer

With Builder-owned "Bulk Draw" lots, Builders will be typically restricted from performing Lot Actions (Submit Designs, Add Buyer) until a deposit has been paid on the lot.

Once a deposit has been logged, must also have the appropriate access:

  1. The Builder must own the lot.
  2. The Builder User must be assigned to the community/phase where the lot is located.

As long as you can see the lot on the map, and the builder owns this lot, they'll be able to click the "Add Home Buyer" button to add relevant information. 

COMMON ISSUE: Sometimes a builder will have multiple logins (different access levels or different builders that are part of the same parent company). Always check the lot to see which builder it is assigned to, and ensure the user is logging in under the same builder as well. 

Editing a Home Buyer

To edit Home Buyer information, the Builder User must have access to "View Lot Details". From there, they simply need to click on the Home Buyer's name to have access to EDIT their information.  

Deleting a Home Buyer

Deleting Home Buyer information is an action that only Developers can take. This protects the integrity of the system's data, reduces the chance of 'temporary' buyers being added to a lot, and ensures that delete-actions are exclusively under the authority of Developers.

To delete a Home Buyer, click on the buyer's name from View Lot Details, and then click DELETE.

Both home buyers will be removed from the lot, and the lot will be reset back to SPEC.

Only the buyers will be removed on deletion. To remove a home design, "RESET TO SOLD" should be used.


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