Why did I / didn't I receive a notification?


Why Did I?

Notifications are sent from the system for various reasons in the form of email.

On most lot events (Sale Approved, Hold Expired, Design Rejected, etc.) a notification informs users that an action has taken place, and another one may be required.

Notifications are also automatically sent requesting that lot and sale information be added to the system, reporting on showhome traffic reports, and memos/invoices.

Users will receive notifications because they're assigned as a contact on a lot.

Individual users may disable these notifications by:

  1. Clicking on their username in the top-right hand corner,
  2. Clicking 'Edit' to update their profile information,
  3. And checking the 'Receive Notifications' toggle to NO.

If the contact that began a submission (ex. A design submission) is no longer an active contact, notifications will default to the Builder's default contacts. There is a default contact that can be set for Accounting, Admin, Designs, Inspections, and Sales.

For Showhome Traffic, builder users will receive a weekly traffic report if they're assigned to fill out traffic information. Similarly, sales contacts on a lot will receive a monthly reminder to add home buyer and possession date information for their sales.

Why Didn't I?

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR IT: https://support.lotworks.ca/hc/en-gb/articles/204372484-Mail-Keys-and-Default-From-Emails

If a user was expecting an email, and didn't receive it, there are a number of possible avenues to try:

1. Confirm the notification didn't end up in the user's SPAM folder. This may be the case if the user has never received an email from LotWorks.

2. Ensure the user's email address is correctly setup under their User Contact information. An invalid or misspelt email is a common source of error.

3. Confirm an email was sent using an Email Log search (Options -> Email Log). This log details all emails sent from LotWorks, and with a quick search will display an accurate list of records.

If the user's email is correct, LotWorks sent the email, and the user absolutely didn't receive it, the next step is to contact the user's IT department as the email is likely being blocked. They will be able to conduct further testing.

Admin Options

Land Developers have access to additional mail setting tools under the "Options" section of their LotWorks system. This includes:

  1. the Event Notifications section for setup of default messages and their recipients,
  2. the Email Log section for searching sent emails, and
  3. the Admin section for setup of default dates and email triggers.


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