Why can't I submit this design?


Submitting a design in LotWorks allows a Builder to provide all architectural measurements, details, and selection information to the Land Developer for final approval.

The submission process can be accessed from the map, or from the Lot's details screen by clicking on the 'Submit Design' button. If the 'Submit Design' button isn't available, it's likely that:

1. NO HOME - The lot doesn't have a Home. (Most Common)

Before a design can be submitted in LotWorks, a home must be added to the lot. This is true for Show Home and Spec / Quick Possession lots as well, and can be done by clicking Add Home Buyer or Add Buyer / Spec Home.

If the "Add Home Buyer" button is still available, the process hasn't been completed. For more details, please see 'How do I add a Spec Home?'

2. NO DEPOSIT - The lot hasn't received an Initial Deposit.

Most LotWorks systems have rules in place that prevent design submission until a deposit has been received on a lot.

By checking the status on the map, or lot details, determine the current payment status on the lot. Or simply contact the Land Developer to confirm.

3. NO PERMISSION - The user is logged in under the wrong account.

If you have multiple accounts, check to see that you're logging in under the correct Builder and access level. Typically, only "Builder - Design" / "Builder - Architectural" users have access to submit a design.

Click on your name (top-right) to access your user profile and view your Builder and access level.


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