Traffic Search Improvements (Patch 4.4.37)


Traffic Search Improvements (Patch 4.4.37)

This LotWorks core improvement release originated from longer than expected load times of Showhome Traffic searches. 

The old search (Found under Marketing -> Showhome Traffic) has been entirely re-vamped and replaced with a new Admin search tool. This tool allows developer users to search for specific traffic records, and features a "Missing Traffic Only" checkbox.

This checkbox allows developers to easily see which builders aren't filling out traffic information on a regular basis, and which Showhome Parades may need re-assigning.

Existing permissions were also cleaned up and simplified. Builders will still retain access to their Showhome Traffic Reports but now only Developer - Admin and Developer - Marketing users will have access to this module.

Questions on this functionality can be directed to Support or your account representative.


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