How do I add a Spec / Quick Possession home?


Adding a Spec on an Available Lot

Spec Homes may be purchased from developers by selecting 'Purchase Lot' from the Lot's action menu on the Map or by clicking the 'Purchase Lot' button when viewing a Lot's details.

On the Add Home Buyer step, click the "Spec/Showhome" toggle, and the sale will be processed without buyer information.

Adding a Spec on a Builder Inventory Lot

Design submissions in LotWorks require that a home be added to a lot. In cases where there is no home buyer, click the 'Add Home Buyer' button and select the "Spec/Showhome" toggle.

This will add a Spec Home to the lot, and allow design submissions to continue.

I don't see the 'Add Homebuyer' button!

Please refer to the "How do I Add/Edit/Delete a Home Buyer?" for details on common issues with missing buttons. Likely the issue will be:

  • User logged in under wrong builder (Green Homes vs Green Lands vs Green Communities).
  • User doesn't own the lot.
  • Deposits haven't been received on the lot.


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