Why did my inspection expire?


Why is my inspection missed?

Initial Inspections in LotWorks operate based on triggers. These triggers give builders X days to submit their initial inspections on the lot after the deposits have been received.

When the inspection is first ready to be submitted, a "Initial Inspection Pending" message is sent to the Builder's Site Supervisor.

Some developers approve these inspections once they're completed, but all systems move the inspections the "Initial Inspection Missed" once the inspection period has passed.

A warning notification is sent prior to the inspection period expiring. This period varies from developer-to-developer but is typically in the range of 21-28 days.

What happens now?

Once missed, only the developer can reset these inspections back to "Initial Inspection Pending". Lots with no issues may choose not to submit their Initial Inspections, and the developer will treat all other missed inspections as also having no issues to report.

For developers, please see "How do I reset an inspection?"

How to Stop Expiries

Builder - Site Supervisors should regularly log into LotWorks to review their pending/active list of Inspections to ensure no issues arise in the future.

A developer may seasonably disable Initial Inspections from expiring. This is done under Options -> Admin. Please review the available options under the Initial Inspections heading for controls related to the inspection process.

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