Why do I have months of showhome traffic to submit?


Showhome Traffic collects daily information from builders on the visitors to their showhomes. Developers assign builder contacts to "Showhome Traffic Parades" or groups of showhomes, and those contacts are responsible for filling out traffic information.

This information ultimately helps the developer determine their future offerings, how they'll structure their communities, and how they'll zone/develop the land.

Only one assigned user from each builder needs to fill out the traffic record. Once submitted, no new traffic will need to be recorded until the following day.

If you login and see month's of Showhome Traffic records that need to be filled out, it's likely that no other user from your showhome has been logging into LotWorks. As much as possible, this information should be filled out, as it is invaluable to both builders and developers.

If the showhome is closed, or the list of traffic is too large to reasonably fill out, please contact the Developer. They will be able to deactivate your showhome, or remove you from the list of contacts.

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