December Updates (Patch 4.4.18)


As part of our ongoing upgrades to LotWorks, the following features were released to all systems this month:

Menu Updates

The LotWorks menu structure has been improved so that all menu items will now return a page you can actually use. Previously, some of these menu items would return the old tab "header" pages. Now, all links lead to a module pages, and we have plans to further streamline and improve the navigation tools available in LotWorks in the new year.

Inspection Instructions

For those clients using the Inspection module, you'll notice some new fields in your Admin section. The added "Inspection Instructions" fields allows you to set specific instructions for your site supervisors. These instructions will appear at the top of their inspection forms (ie. "Check off damage and add comments. You must upload...")

Remove Bulk Lot Draw

When viewing a bulk lot draw, you'll see a new "Remove Bulk Lot Draw" button that will, in one-click, remove all lots from a bulk draw and reset them to available. The original button "Remove Lot Draw" is still available when viewing individual lots.

New Agreement Templates

We're slowly transitioning all clients to use our latest platform text editor tool, and continuing with our planned improvements to the agreement generation process.

Due to past issues that would lead to headaches when trying to make simple updates, we've disabled new agreement template uploads. Please let us know if any template changes need to be released. A no-charge release process is available, or a review & release process if you'd like some help with your updates.

Please stay tuned for further updates, and let us know if you have any questions!

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