Mobile-Friendly Public Maps


LotWorks Public Maps now include many additional features that improve the user experience when viewing the maps on mobile devices.

Side-Panel Info Window

Instead of opening as a pop-up when a lot is clicked, this opens the info window in a side-panel configuration. Opening as a side-panel improves the use of space on mobile devices, and the ease-of-access to information on the lot. Links (email, phone, register, etc.) are also easier to select in this mode.


Resize Map Changes

Once a public map falls below set width threshold, features on the map (Legend, other buttons and features) are hidden to improve the map view.


CTRL-Scroll and Gesture Controls

LotWorks Maps are always updated and use the latest Google Maps framework. Both gesture controls (pinch, grab, drag) and CTRL-scroll controls are enabled by default on Public Maps.


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