How to Resubmit Designs


(For Builders) How to change Approved Designs

In most LotWorks systems, builders can use the "Submit Design Change" action to resubmit their design details as needed. This will allow access to all Finish details (Color, Manufacturer, Material) along with Measurement details, and PDF plan upload fields. Builders will also be able to add comments as needed.

(For Developers) How to change Approved Designs

  1. If it's only a slightly different design, the Land Developer has an "Undo Home Approval" button.

    This action will sent the lot to "Architectural Design Unapproved" status. From here, the builder can resubmit the design while the past submission details are saved and available for review.
  2. If it's a completely different design, the Land Developer can "Reset to Sold". This will keep the buyers on the lot but will completely blow away the previously submitted design information, and any reserved colours.

How to change Model after design is submitted?

As the style selection directly impacts neighbour lot selections (based on style neighbour assignments), once they're submitted you'll need to delete the Home to change them.

This is a one-button action: Reset to Sold.

Clicking this will confirm what will be deleted, and will remove all previously submitted architectural information from the lot.

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