Repetition Rules


Repetition Rules

LotWorks uses a system of "Repetition Rules" to better allow Land Developers to control their architectural submissions for quality and differentiation among neighbours.

Model repetition rules are based on a Model/Elevation combination, meaning the same base Model might be side-by-side with two different elevations.

Colour repetition rules, using the new Architectural Manager, can be setup on a Community, Phase, and/or Product Type -basis.

Which finish elements should be used to determine colour repetition is set by the Land Developer This is generally 1 to 4 colours that both the Land Developer and their builders would see on the map and in the neighbouring homes report (Examples below):

    • Walls
    • Fascia
    • Soffit
    • Trim
    • Masonry
    • Battens 

How do users see these Repetition Rules?

Repetition Rules can be viewed in two ways in LotWorks: During design submission and approval, and using the Neighbour Report functionality from the Lot Details or Map.

During Design Submission/Approval

Users will be warned during material selection which options are not available for design selection. This will be indicated using highlighted rows for finishes that are affected by repetition rules.

Users will also be warned which specific options are not available for selection under the Colour heading.



Using the LotWorks Neighbour Report

Users can click "View Neighbour Report" on any applicable lot to view the surrounding Lot's color/model neighbours. The table view also displays architectural status, and the main architectural controls being used for repetition rules for that community. 

Architectural Neighbours are setup by the Land Developer (Related Article: How do I setup Color/Model Neighbours?)


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