Export Home Buyer Information


Exporting Home Buyer Information

This article covers how to search for, and export, home buyer information from LotWorks. 


Home Buyer Search (Home Buyers > Search)

A home buyer search is available to some users that allows them to easily filter their list of home buyers down by specific search criteria.

These include: Community, Phase, Postal Codes, Date Added ranges, and many more.

Using the search, without specifying any search criteria, will return a list of all home buyers accessible by that user. Users without access to the search will see a list of all home buyers as well.


Download List 

Once you've searched/filtered as needed, and the resulting list has loaded, you'll find a DOWNLOAD LIST button at the bottom of the page.

Clicking this button will download the list as a CSV (comma-delimited spreadsheet) file. This can be opened in most document suites (Google Docs, Microsoft Excel, Open Office, etc.)


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