Public Website Map Setup (For Web Developers)

  • Maps are loaded onto websites using an <iframe> tag. Width, Height, and other standard iframe tag options can be used. 
  • The recommended implementation is to add styling to a CSS file, and wrap a <div> with the set style around the <iframe> map tag.
Web team / Designers should contact Blueprint for assistance in any required styling/font/colour changes to pop-up infowindows. 

How to get one setup

If you're an existing LotWorks customer with a community in need of a public website map, please open a new ticket with Blueprint to get it going. There is a cost per community involved in setup, and typically a 3-5 day turnaround time for release.

Default Zoom

LotWorks public website maps will zoom to a best-fit based on these criteria:
  • Center and zoom lot view based on lots in community and browser window size.
  • If visible lots belong to a single phase, center and zoom view to display only that phase.
  • If visible lots belong to multiple phases, center and zoom view in a bounding box around that view.
NOTE: If your map is loaded in a "hidden 0px div", you may experience issues in map loading/centering. It is strongly recommended that all embedded maps be loaded in their desired sizes, not 0px.  
Default Scroll Behaviour
Scroll behaviour on public maps changes depending on how the map is implemented:
  • Always: On all maps, touch gestures including two-fingers-to-pan and pinch-to-zoom work.
  • Embedded: When placed onto a webpage, mouse scrolling scrolls the webpage only. Ctrl-scrolling works on the map (a helpful tip is displayed).
  • Full Screen: If the map is viewed at full screen, mouse scrolling and single-finger-to-pan work. 
Direct Links to Lots 

Direct links to lots can be generated using ?lotaddress= as per the below example: Green Ridge Drive
This direct link will open the public map, zoom to the lot, and open the infowindow for that lot.
HTTPS Websites 

HTTPS security certificates require additional development time but can setup can be provided if required.

Custom Implementation Options 
DISCLAIMER: Unless absolutely required, it is NOT recommended that any of the below custom options be used as it may result in unintended map display issues or future complications. The functionality contained here-in is subject to change, and may cease to work / be deprecated without notice.
HOW TO USE: Developers can add these custom values by using a "?<option>=value" to the URL of their map. For example: will custom set the zoom value on map load.
Auto-fit Content (autofit)
  • autofit=0 - Disables best-fit code based on browser window size.
  • autofit=1 - Default behaviour. Uses LotWorks to determine centering and zoom level. 
It is only recommended to use autofit=0 if direct control over zoom level is required.
Zoom Level (zoom) 
  • zoom=1-20 - Google Maps zoom level. Defaults to best-fit zoom if not used.
It is only recommended to use zoom= if map embed has a fixed width/height, and best-fit zoom isn't displaying desired results.
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